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Another pic/Love Bites Ch. 3 - Phoebs [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Another pic/Love Bites Ch. 3 [Dec. 27th, 2007|08:00 pm]

So first I have another Grimmjow/Ichigo pic : D

Teh pic~

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Grimmjow/Ichigo

Warnings: Yaoi, graphic smex, language, AU fic (Alternate Universe), Vamp Fic, Orihime bashing

Summary: He was a normal boy, well, normal minus his unruly orange hair anyways. Kurosaki Ichigo was your average guy, he liked playing video games, he liked kendo and martial arts, he thought homework was annoying, and in his spare time he loved hanging out with friends. Vampires, ghosts and other supernatural beings were nothing more than fairytales to him, but a run in with a strange guy leaves him rather ruffled and quite literally breathless. But there’s more to this hot stranger than meets the eye…


Ichigo stepped out of the bathroom and listened to the door click behind him as it closed. Turning, he went back through the door he had came through. When he reached the lounge, Ichigo made his way to the love seat and plopped down on it. Taking out his cell phone he hit the speed dial for his house and put the phone to his ear and listened to the ringing.

“Hello?” came his youngest sister’s polite voice.

“Hey it’s me, is Pops there?” Ichigo asked.

“Oh Ichigo! Yes, just a second,” Yuzu replied cheerfully. Faintly he heard as his sister called their father. Then after a series of bangs and the sound of something big clattering to the floor his father’s booming voice came over the phone.

“Ichigo, my lovely son! What is it you want?” Isshin yelled in to the receiver.

“Yo Pops, is it okay if I stay at a friend’s house for the weekend?” Ichigo rushed, he was worried about what the answer would be.

A few moments of silence passed then, “Oh yes, of course! Just tell me, who’s the lucky lady?”

The phone nearly fell out of Ichigo’s hands as he spluttered, “No! It’s not a girl!” He could hear his father grinning.

“Oh well, then who’s the lucky boy, eh? Just remember to use protection and daddy loves you!” There was a click and the phone went to the dial tone.

Ichigo felt like dying. ‘Well at least he said yes,’ the voice snickered. The boy simply shook his head, closed his phone and decided to head back down to the club.

Standing up, Ichigo made his way to the door and put his hand on the knob to turn it. As he pulled it back he realized someone else was pushing it open at the same time. His brown eyes widened in surprise as a taller black haired man stared down at him. The man’s expressionless green eyes bore in to his own; it felt like the man staring in to his soul.

“Who are you?” the man’s voice was as monotonous as the rest of him.

“Err, Ichigo Kurosaki, I’m a friend of Grimmjow’s…” He hoped the explanation would be enough and that the man would move aside so he could leave, but the man made no motion to move.

“Why are you up here?” was the next question.

“I had to make a phone call.” Ichigo shifted his weight from one foot to the other, becoming increasingly uncomfortable. For a minute the man just stood there staring at him. Then, after seeming satisfied with the response the man nodded and stepped past Ichigo and went over the bar.

Hurrying down the stairs and into the lower lounge, Ichigo found that there were only two people there now, but neither seemed to notice him as he made his way to the door leading to the club. When he was finally back by the edge of the dance floor, Ichigo flipped out his cell phone and text messaged Sado.

“Hey where r u?” After a moment Sado replied.

“Back the table, u?”

“On my way back,”


Shutting the phone, Ichigo took a look at the time, it was 7:03. He had disappeared for more than an hour or so. Ichigo groaned slightly. Now he needed an excuse to explain his absence.

‘It’s a club moron, tell them you were dancing,’ the voice said. Ichigo was sure if it had a face it would have just rolled its eyes.

‘Shut up, Bob.

Quickly, Ichigo went back to where the table was and his waiting friends. Everyone was at the table when he arrived; Keigo was whining to Mizurio, Sado was sipping a drink, and some girl was throwing herself on Ishida.

“Oooh, but shhuga we cou have a goo time.” The woman’s speech was horribly slurred, making it obvious that she had a few to many to drink.

“N-No thank you, ma’am,” Ishida said as he attempted to push her away with little luck.

“Coome oon,” she cooed running her hands through his hair and pushed her breasts up against his chest.

“I said no thank you. Now go find someone else,” was the stony answer from the stoic boy. In Ichigo’s head, the voice was roaring with laughter.

Ichigo took a seat between Sado and Mizurio. When he sat down the woman’s head snapped in his direction as if some electrical signal had alerted her of his presence.

Giving Ishida a pout and pushing away from him she slyly made her way around to Ichigo. She threw herself onto the teen, “Heeey there baaabe du yoou waana hav fuun?” Ichigo felt his face flush, the woman wasn’t ugly, but she wasn’t drop dead gorgeous either.

“Sorry, but no thanks,” he said politely.

‘Just tell her you’re gay,’ the voice prompted.

“Ooo com’on I cou give yoou a goo show,” she slurred..

‘Tell her you’re gay and you don’t need any diseases,” it told him.

“Heey com’on shhhura wha yoou say?” the reek of her breath was dizzying. It smelt of Mexican food, lot of different alcohol, and mint tooth paste.

‘Tell. Her. You. Are. Gay. And. Make. Her .Go. Away.’

“I’m sorry miss, but I’m ahh, already with someone,” He just wasn’t ready to say that he’s gay, not in front of his friends at least. The woman squinted at him like that would make him take it back. Huffing and then effectively glaring at the table of school boys, she stomped off. She only made it a few feet before her legs went out from under her and she fell on to a man sitting at the bar.

“So where were you?” Ichigo turned to face Ishida, who was pinning him with a light glare.

“I was…dancing,” He didn’t have any thing better and it was a plausible explanation. Ishida looked unconvinced but didn’t say anything. For awhile the friends sat and chatted, having a blast watching the drunks.

“Hey Ichigo, it’s your turn to get drinks!” Keigo yelled. Ichigo nodded.

He walked over to the bar and leaned against the end. After giving his order to the bartender, Ichigo sighed, taking out his phone to see what time it was it read 10:32. The others were going to want to leave soon and he had yet to find Grimmjow.

“Damn it, where is he?” Ichigo muttered under his breath.

“Where’s who?” the sudden tickle of breath on the back of his neck made Ichigo jump around.

“Grimmjow!” The teal haired bouncer seemed to have been summoned magically.

“Yes, that’s me,” he said with a cocky grin.

“Umm hey do you think…err….would it be…” The man was here but Ichigo was having trouble forming the question.

“Spit it out already, kid,” Grimmjow said with amusement dancing in his steel blue eyes.

“CanIstayatyou’replacefortheweekend,” the orange haired boy said it all at once and he hoped Grimmjow had understood because he didn’t think he could say it again. At first Grimmjow just raised an eyebrow. After a moment passed, understand dawned on his face.

Bending his head to Ichigo’s ear he whispered, “Sure, I won’t mind.” Ichigo almost moaned as a wet tongue licked the outer shell of his ear. Grimmjow withdrew and gave a sexy smirk to Ichigo, “Meet me in the upper lounge at one.”

Ichigo was going to say more but the bartender tapped his shoulder and handed over his drinks. After paying the bartender, Ichigo turned around to see that Grimmjow had disappeared as fast as he had appeared. Resisting the urge to pout he carried all the drinks carefully back to the table.

“Hey Ichigo who was that weirdo with blue hair?” Keigo asked as he grabbed his drink.

“He’s not a ‘weirdo’,” Ichigo snapped, causing the table of boys to stare at him.

“Okaaay, but who was he?” Keigo persisted.

Ichigo flushed and avoided eye contact with the others, “He’s a friend, I guess.”

Before the onslaught of questions could begin, Sado stood up. “I think we should get going, it’s getting late.”

‘I have to remember to thank Chad next time I see him,’ Ichigo thought, relief flooding through him. That was a close call.

“Yes, I suppose we should be going,” Mizurio agreed, followed by a mumble of agreement from Keigo.

“Oh, I’m not gonna be going with you guys. I’m meeting up with my friend and crashing at his place,” Ichigo said as everyone stood. They nodded and then after good byes were said, Ichigo’s friends headed out.

Ishida gave him a cold stare before walking away. ‘Freak’ was all the voice muttered. When he was alone Ichigo yawned. The image of the loveseat in the upper lounge flashed through his mind. He was tired and had a couple hours to burn before Grimmjow got off. He was also supposed to meet him in there so he might as well go take a nap. Leaving the table, Ichigo made his way to the employee lounge. He opened the first door, ignoring the people talking in the lower lounge he quickly went upstairs.

The upper lounge was thankfully empty and yawning again, Ichigo laid down on the loveseat. Although it occurred to him that the couch was bigger and would probably be more comfortable, he was too lazy to move from his spot on the love seat. Sleep claimed him swiftly, his mind sinking into a peaceful darkness.


His groggy mind registered voices, but they were speaking too softly for him to hear. As tempting as it was to roll over to see who was there, Ichigo was to comfortable. His mind was sinking back in to the depths of sleep when his cell phone went off. Of course, Ichigo had been on the verge of sleep when it went off yelling “PICK ME UP!” at him. He jumped and landed not on the couch but right next to the couch, a whole inch away from it.

‘At least the floor is carpeted,’ the voice laughed at him.

Groaning in annoyance, Ichigo just let his face lay in the red carpet as he fished out his phone, still repeating the same line over and over. Flipping it open he let out a muffled “Hello.”

“Hi son! It’s Daddy! I just wanted to call and remind you to wear protection! That goes for your partner too!” His father’s voice was even more obnoxious than usual. Ichigo didn’t even bother answering, he just shut his phone and stuffed it back in to his pocket.

Huffing, he pushed himself up on to his hands and knees. When a low chuckle hit his ears he remembered that there were other people in the room. Looking in the direction of the chuckle Ichigo saw that there were two people standing by the bar.

The one who had chuckled was an older man; Ichigo would guess about thirty-something. He had sleek brown hair that was feathered back with a few strands hanging in front of his face stylishly. He was tall, taller than Grimmjow even. The man was wearing a tasteful designer suite, and he had a wine glass in one hand.

The other man looked to be younger compared with the brown haired man he had silver hair that was cut in a bob. The man’s eyes seemed shut and a creepy fox like grin was on his face. He was also wearing a designer suite but it differed slightly from the other’s. Both men were very handsome and rather sexy.

“Hello,” the brown haired man said.

“Umm, hi,” Ichigo offered up a small polite smile. The silver haired man just cocked his head to the side while staring at him or at least Ichigo thought he was staring at him, he couldn’t tell.

“Would you like some help up or would you rather staying like that? I must say that’s not a bad position,” the brown haired man said. Ichigo could feel the man’s eyes raking the length of his body. It was at that time Ichigo realized he was still on his hands and knees. He felt his face flame and immediately shot to his feet.

Ichigo averted his eyes to his feet. “Souske Aizen.” A hand was put in front of him. Ichigo looked up to see the man with a smile on his lips; he felt his cheeks flare red again.

“Ichigo Kurosaki,” he said and took Aizen’s hand. Then like when he had first met Grimmjow, Aizen bowed and kissed the back of his hand.

‘If your face gets any redder you’re gonna faint, you girl,’ the voice told him very matter-of-factly.

“It’s a pleasure to make you’re acquaintance, Ichigo,” Aizen said looking up from his bowed position.

“Ye-Yeah, a pleasure,” Ichigo mumbled trying to avoid the man’s hard brown eyes. After Aizen straightened up, his silver haired companion came over. Instead of waiting for Ichigo to take his hand, he took Ichigo’s. Bowing and kissing his hand for a few moments longer than necessary Ichigo felt, the man looked up with the same foxy grin.

“Gin Ichimaru, it’s a pleasure Ichigo.” Ichigo nodded and prayed to whatever god there was that they hadn’t noticed how sweaty his hands were.

“Now, what are you doing here Ichigo?” Aizen asked before taking a sip of his wine.

“I was waiting for Grimmjow,” he answered.

“Oh really? He should be just about done,” the older man said thoughtfully. “Why are you waiting for him?”

“I’m staying his place for a few days,” Ichigo replied slightly, shifting uncomfortably. All the questions made him nervous for some reason.

Aizen leaned forwards so his mouth was hovering just above Ichigo’s “Well, if you get tired of him, you can swing by my place,” As he spoke he slipped a white card into Ichigo’s hand. Before the teen could say a word, the two men left through the door by the side of the bar.

‘I wonder if they have to go to the bathroom,’ the voice giggled.

Ichigo examined the white card; it had Aizen’s name at the top then two phone numbers; one said “Office” and the other “Cell”. Under that there were two addresses, one for his office and the other was a house address. The orange haired boy blushed; the man had given him his personal business card. He was about to just leave it on the glass coffee table, but for some reason he just couldn’t. Ichigo felt like he had earlier in the bathroom. Shrugging it off, the boy stuffed the card in to his pocket.

He didn’t have to wait long for Grimmjow to show up. Only a few minutes passed between his encounter with Aizen and when the door to the stairs opened and Grimmjow stepped in to the room. “Hey, ya miss me?” he asked with his usual cocky grin in place.

“Maybe,” Ichigo said playfully winking at the teal haired man.

“Just maybe?” he said, his voice filled with mock hurt. “Well, I guess I’ll have to fix that.” Grimmjow’s cocky grin turned in to a sexy smirk and his eyes closed slightly as he walked to where Ichigo was standing.

When he was close enough, Grimmjow wrapped Ichigo in a light embrace, his hands sliding into the back pockets of his pants. Ichigo felt his face flame when the two hands squeezed each cheek firmly. The teen looped his arms around the taller man’s neck pulling down on it.

Grimmjow didn’t need telling. His hot mouth descended on Ichigo’s, shoving his tongue in to the waiting mouth. Ichigo attempted to gain control in the heated kiss but once again Grimmjow’s skills proved to great and Ichigo was quick to submit. He moaned in to the kiss and his hips moved of their own accord, grinding against Grimmjow’s.

Then, like before Grimmjow cut the heated make-out session short, “We’ll have to continue this later, come on,” Grimmjow said as he took Ichigo’s hand and pulled him towards the door. The teen felt like throttling the sexy bastard in front of him.

‘I swear if he does that once more…’

The giggling told him that the voice found his frustration rather funny. ‘You’ll what, name him “Bob” too?’ it joked.

‘That might work,’ Ichigo thought, seriously pondering the option. The loud music of the club snapped him from his thinking; they had made it down to the club. Grimmjow’s pace seemed slow, well slower than Ichigo would have liked. Of course, he would have liked to sprint to the man’s bike then break every speed limit imaginable so they could get to Grimmjow’s place.

‘Horny girly boy.’

Grimmjow lead them around the edge of the still crowded dance floor, and to another hallway with some more restrooms and a few doors that read “Employees Only”. He went to the last door at the end of the hall with an “Exit” sign glowing red above it and opened the door. A burst of cool air made the teen shiver and take a half step closer to Grimmjow. Stepping outside, Ichigo found they were in an alley way.

As the door shut tight, the sounds of the club were left behind. Above the door was a lamp that gave off a soft yellow glow.

“Here,” Grimmjow said offering his jacket to Ichigo. The boy looked at it for a moment and was going to argue but that feeling from before of being prodded leaked in to him

“Thanks,” was all he said and took the offered article of clothing.

He slipped in to it. It still had the warmth from Grimmjow radiating off of it making Ichigo shiver, but instead of cold, it was from the simple pleasure. “I didn’t park to far from here,” the man said placing a hand on the teen’s hip and pulling him in close to his side. Ichigo sighed happily and let himself sink into Grimmjow’s hold. It felt like he was made for that spot.

‘Girly boy,’ the voice scoffed at him, but even the demonic little voice couldn’t ruin his mood. The couple walked on to the sidewalk and started down, away from the club. They crossed the street. It seemed void of all life, making Ichigo feel uneasy for some reason. Passing the second alley way, a figure stepped in front of them, the flaming red hair could only belong to the man from the day before. Ichigo felt like a rock was in the pit of his stomach.

“Well well well, if it isn’t the cute bitch and his black night,” the man sneered. Three more men stepped out from the shadow of the alley way, all snickering.

“What are the likes of you doing here?” Grimmjow asked, his voice was stone cold, but his face showed he was annoyed.

“We aren’t doing much, just looking for a little fun is all,” the red head said, eyeing Ichigo with a hungry look.

“You know, stray mutts should know their boundaries.” Apparently Grimmjow hit a sore spot because the red head’s face contorted in anger.

“Bloodsucking bastard, I was just gonna take the kid but now I think I’m gonna have to kick your ass,” the red head grinned, showing his teeth.

‘Bloodsucker?’ Ichigo wondered to himself, it was a weird insult. The boy glanced at Grimmjow’s face, as a feral grin spread across his features at the other man’s words.

“You think you’re strong enough to do either, mutt?” With that the red head lunged at Grimmjow with his hands balled in fists. Grimmjow pushed Ichigo out of the way and took a side step in the opposite direction. The red head’s punch hit nothing but air.

Ichigo backed up against the building. “Take ‘im and wait for me, and no one touches ‘im before me. Got that?!” the man barked at the other three. They nodded and the nearest to Ichigo went to grab his arm. Ever since he was little Ichigo had done some martial arts and kendo, but the man didn’t know that. The moment before the hand grasped his arm Ichigo wrapped both hands round the wrist and then tossed the man over his shoulder and onto the hard concrete. The attacker was too stunned to react so Ichigo left him on the ground and turned to the other two who had come up behind him.

“You lil’ bastard!” one yelled and lunged at him, the attacker’s face met Ichigo’s fist and a sickening ‘pop’ was heard, the man’s nose broken and bleeding all over his face. The other seemed hesitant; looking from his comrade on the ground to the bloodied one, then to Ichigo’s scowling face.

Before the last man made a move, the two were distracted by an angry yell. The yell had come from the red haired man; he had a trickle of blood running down the corner of his mouth. Grimmjow and the red head were now in the middle of the deserted street staring each other down.

“Damn bastard,” he huffed under his breath. Grimmjow was standing with his arms crossed over his bare chest and a bored expression on his face.

“Che, I thought this would be fun but you’re so weak it’s just pathetic,” Grimmjow sneered at his opponent. The red head’s face was covered in shadow, his head bowed. Suddenly, he started laughing. Each passing moment the insane laughter was growing louder. When his head rose Ichigo felt his heart jump into his throat and his stomach drop to his toes.

The man’s face was distorted with a maniac like grin, “Don’t worry bloodsucker, I’m just getting warmed up!” Then the man hunched over, his back starting to blow up like a balloon, the sound of cracking bones hit Ichigo’s ears, making him sick. He watched with horrific fascination as the man’s clothes ripped and his face pushed out wards, the cheek bone facing Ichigo protruded from the skin causing blood to run down the monster’s changing face.

As the transformation continued, coarse red hair sprouted from the creature’s body. When it was finished the creature stood on its hind legs. All of the cuts it had sustained in the transformation were healed now. It was about eight feet tall Ichigo guessed, seeing as the beast was at least two feet taller than Grimmjow. Ichigo went white as a sheet, his eyes widening in fear and his mouth dropped open.

‘What. The. Fuck.’

The beast’s head turned in Ichigo’s direction, “What’s the matter kid? Never seen a werewolf before?” Its voice was gruff and deep.

‘Werewolf?’ The beast gave him a toothy grin, giving the boy a good view of rows of razor sharp knife like teeth.

“Stupid mutt, you shouldn’t take your eyes off your opponent,” Grimmjow said then charged the giant monster. Ichigo watched as the werewolf batted Grimmjow away with one massive clawed paw. He watched as the man was sent flying into the dark alley and out of his sight.

“Grimmjow!” the teen yelled then went to rush after him, but was stopped short when two arms wrapped around him, trapping his arms by his sides. The man he had knocked down earlier had gotten up. He watched as the red werewolf stalked over to where he was. It bent down so its muzzle was nose to nose with him.

“Settle down kid, I promise to finish this quickly. Then we can have some fun. You’ll get a whole new meaning for the term ‘doggy style’ when I’m done with ya,” it laughed at his frightened expression.

‘Oh goodie a punning werewolf,’ the voice said with sarcasm dripping from its tone. Then the beast stood up to its full height once more and headed down the alley way. Ichigo struggled but it seemed useless, the man’s arms were like a steel trap.

‘The guy has strong arms but he is still a guy,’ the voice prompted. It took a moment before Ichigo understood what the voice was trying to indicate, and then the light bulb went off.

Ichigo took a deep breath, then with every last bit of strength he could muster he swung his heel backwards and up. He hit a home run, Ichigo’s captor releasing him and falling to the pavement clutching his crotch and cussing loudly. The teen was about to run in to the alley again, but the werewolf came flying out and crashed in the middle of the street. Grimmjow came walking out of the darkness, an insane grin on his face. Ichigo gasped at the man’s appearance; his eyes were now cat-like slits. His teeth seemed more pointed, especially his two canines, which were longer than normal making them look like fangs. His nails had grown in to knife like claws.

Ichigo could only watch, he didn’t even notice when he was detained again. This time the man that had been to afraid to attack him had snuck up behind him and grabbed him. He watched as the werewolf hunched on all fours, snarling at Grimmjow. In the blink of an eye Grimmjow moved from in front of the beast to behind it. The monster didn’t even have enough time to turn its head before Grimmjow kicked its ribcage and sent it flying. The werewolf’s giant form smacked in to the brick building then fell to the ground in a lump of fur, some bricks falling off the building and landing on the monster’s back.

The beast struggled to its feet, blood dripping from its mouth. Grimmjow stalked towards it. The red werewolf didn’t wait for the demonic looking man to reach it this time, lunging at the teal haired man with its great claws extended and its mouth gapping open. Grimmjow just smirked and stood where he was. Ichigo thought his eyes were going to fall out of their sockets. Grimmjow stood there with three claws going straight through his stomach and a set of jaws clamped onto his shoulder. The smirk never left the man’s lips.

It was over in a heartbeat as Grimmjow’s hand shot through the beast’s chest and out its back, blood flying every where and a pained howl rippeing from the beast’s throat. Grimmjow laughed as he used his foot to kick the werewolf off. It landed on its side a few feet from him.

“Hey mutt, weren’t you gonna kick my ass? Weren’t you gonna take my kid?” Grimmjow asked him mockingly.

The beast struggled to get on all fours then looked at Ichigo, “Renji Abarai, remember that name bitch because the next time you hear it you’ll be screaming it yourself!” it snarled at him. Then the werewolf disappeared in to a black alley on the opposite side of the street.

The man that had been holding him immediately dropped his hold and ran. Ichigo realized that the other two men had vanished as well. Grimmjow was walking towards him, his face expressionless. The teen stared wide eyed at the blood dripping off of Grimmjow’s face and arm. “What…are you?” The question came out as a quiet whisper. The cat-like steel blue eyes bore in to his doe brown eyes like a drill.

“I’m a vampire.” The words fell on Ichigo like an invisible weight, and his vision went black. He had fainted.


He blinked slowly; an off white ceiling filling his view. As Ichigo sat up, a fuzzy navy blue blanket pooled around his waist. The teen was on a dark blue couch in what looked like a living room. In front of him a huge flat screen TV hung on the wall; on either side were speakers. Under the TV was a collection of top of the line gaming systems, a high grade DVD player and a CD/MP3 player. A multitude of games were organized on a shelving space next to the speaker on the left.

A large window covered almost the whole wall adjacent to the TV wall. The window over looked a busy street. Beside the couch there were three bean bags that lay on the ground around the couch. He looked behind him and saw the living room turned in to a kitchen that had a round poker table crowded with chairs. The counter tops were black granite and the cupboards a polished black as well. A sleek silver fridge stood next to a stove. There was also a dishwasher and garbage disposal, sink and microwave as well in the kitchen.

Ichigo noticed a hallway that lead out of his view.

‘Where the hell am I?!’ he thought frantically.

‘You don’t remember eh?’ the voice snickered.

‘Remember what?’ he asked it.

‘Well, you did faint,’ the voice sighed. Then in a rush the previous night’s events came back to him, and he nearly fainted again. The images filled his mind; the image ofGrimmjow’s face covered in the werewolf’s blood almost too vivid .

‘So then is this…Grimmjow’s place?’ Ichigo wondered silently. Ichigo pushed the blanket off his legs and stood up. It was then that he realized his vest was missing and his boots were also gone.

Ichigo looked around but didn’t see either missing articles of clothing. The only way he could go now was the hallway, so Ichigo made his way to it. Looking down the passage he saw that there were four doors. One was on the left and had a mat in front of it with pairs of shoes littered about, one pair of them being his boots. The other three doors were spaced along the length of the right side. The door closest to Ichigo was wide open and after peering in he found it was a bathroom.

It had a large bathtub and a separate walk-in shower. A toilet was almost hidden behind a sink with the same black granite top as the kitchen counters. A large mirror medicine cabinet hung over the sink.

Ichigo moved on and found that the middle door was shut; he didn’t bother opening it though. The last door was slightly ajar. Ichigo peeked in, and he could see the edge of a bed with rumpled black sheets. There was a night stand with a digital alarm clock and a lamp next to the bed. Ichigo pushed the door open more and saw Grimmjow sprawled out on his bed. A very very naked Grimmjow.

Ichigo blushed furiously; the only thing covering the man was a couple sheets over his torso. The teen jumped when the man rolled on to his side. Gulping, Ichigo pushed the door open even more so he could slip in. Ichigo had no idea why but his feet seemed to have a mind of their own as they took him to the edge of the bed.

His eyes raked over the man’s body, his hair was even more tousled than usual, making him even sexier. Ichigo found himself leaning down to get a closer look at Grimmjow’s peaceful face. There wasn’t a trace of the demonic man from last night, which made Ichigo wonder if it was just a dream. Then Grimmjow’s eyes snapped open and his hand grasped a handful of Ichigo’s hair, causing him to yelp. He was pulled on to the bed roughly. Before he could tell what was happening Ichigo found himself pinned under Grimmjow with his hands held above his head by on of the man’s hands.

Ichigo couldn’t speak due to the cool stare Grimmjow was pinning him with. “You’re finally awake. I thought you were gonna sleep all fuckin’ day,” the man grumbled. Ichigo was still dazed when Grimmjow licked his jaw line, trailing kisses down his throat and neck. When he felt the man nibble on a sensitive spot at the junction between his shoulder and neck Ichigo quickly sat up yanking his hands free from Grimmjow’s hand.

“Wait, I want answers Grimmjow and I want them now. First off what the hell happened last night?” Ichigo was bound and determined to get his answers if it killed him. Grimmjow gave him a blank stare then placed a hand on the boy’s chest and pushed him down.

“We can talk later,” he told Ichigo in a husky voice. With the larger body hovering over his smaller one Ichigo became painfully aware of just how naked Grimmjow was. It stirred something in the pit of his stomach that pooled in his groin. Grimmjow smirked, “You don’t want to talk right now either.”

A throaty moan escaped his mouth as Grimmjow palmed his erection through his tight pants, his much too tight pants.

‘So you’re fine with losing your innocence to a soulless demon of the underworld?’ the voice asked in an innocent tone. It caused Ichigo to once again sit up abruptly, and Grimmjow growl in frustration.

“Wait, you’re not getting anything without explaining what the hell you are!” Ichigo defiantly crossed his arms over his fish netted chest.

“Fine, I’m a blood sucking vampire, a very hungry one at that. Last night some damn mutts picked a fight with me and one wanted to rape your hot ass. I kicked that bastard’s ass for thinking of defiling you. Now shut up, let me eat and take care of your virginity problem.” With that, Grimmjow forced Ichigo back down on to the bed and stripped off his fish net shirt.

Ichigo yelped when he felt a hand unbuttoning and unzipping his pants. “Gri-Grimmjow, stop right now!” he hollered at the vampire.

“No,” was the only reply. Sooner than protests could start pouring from Ichigo’s mouth, Grimmjow smashed their lips together, his tongue slithering between Ichigo’s lips and teeth.

Grimmjow swallowed the little moans that came from the teen hungrily, his hand playing with the top of Ichigo’s pants. When the kiss broke Ichigo’s breath came in little pants and his face was flushed.

“Yo-You bastard,” he managed to get out. A cocky grin spread over Grimmjow’s features, and without warning he yanked down Ichigo’s pants in one swift motion. The teen gasped as cool air collided with his hot erection.

“You still feel like talking Ichi?” Grimmjow taunted.

“Shut up and fuck me damn it.”


OOOooooohhhh I just cut it off right there XD hell yeah I’m evil/tired and this chapter has taken fricking forever to write X.x

And remember kiddies….people who make puns shall be punished! No really, everytime you make a pun god kills a mosquito which in turn ruins the ecosystem and brings the downfall of mankind as we know it.

No kidding


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